Tacho Seal

For sealing the motion sensor with the transmission and ensuring speed regulation of commercial vehicles. Prevents tampering of the sensor. Unisto Tacho Seal meets all requirements of the EN 16882-2017 standard including Appendix C, as confirmed by SQS (Swiss Accreditation for Quality and Management Systems). The robust design withstands very harsh environmental conditions. Can be applied by hand or even easier with a screwdriver with Torx attachment. With barcode or data matrix and area for marking with sealing pliers through the workshops.

Housing and knob: aliphatic polyketone
Wire (Unisto)
Plastic-coated stainless steel cable, Ø 0.8 mm, on rolls of 100 m
Tensile strength (loop)
Over 50 kg (with Unisto wire)
Directly lasered: UN + 8 numbers
Direct lasered: UN + 8 numbers
Customer name/code
According to customer specifications/requirements
Embossing field
For marking by the workshop/garage
100 seals per polybag, Polybag in box, boxes of 1’000 pieces.

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